Preschool Classes (Monday 10.00am-11.30am)


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Preschool Term 4 Classes, 2017

Term 4:
  • Monday -11th September 2017
  • Length 8 weeks
  • Session times 10.00-11.30am
  • Fees $310 per term
  • Maximum 8 Students
“absolutely loved Jane King’s classes”

Benefits for the preschool child

By making art, looking at it, dicussing it, children are;
  • Expressing feelings & emotions in a safe way
  • Practising & increasing fine motor skills & eye hand coordination-all precursors for hand writing
  • Developing perception-how they see the things around them
  • Making decisions & solving problems
  • Seeing that others may have a different solution to the same problem & they learn to value diversity
  • Experiencing success
  • Generating connections between Visual Arts & other subjects
What concepts from other key learning areas can be taught through Visual Art?
  • Mathematics-sizes, shapes. proportion, measurement, angles, pattern, 2-D & 3D
  • Science-colour theory, cause & effect, mixing solutions, experimenting, drawing conclusions, .
  • HSIE- landscapes, weather, seasons, environmental design, consumerism, environmental resposibility, recycling
  • History- artists & artworks, context, critical analysis, traditional & modern techniques,
  • Language & Literacy- opportunities to talk, read & write about their & others’ artworks, introduction to art language, develop opinions & express opinions

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Cheeky Monkeys 4-5 years
Monday 10.00am-11.00am
16th October-4th September, 2017

CODE 174P001

This is a class designed for kids preparing to get ready for “big” school. It will provide opportunities for them to try a wide variety of media including drawing, painting, printing, ceramics (clay), sculpture, collage, mixed media & learn some basic techniques. It will also include activities that concentrate on the elements of art; line, shape, colour, form, texture & will encourage them to create there own work with support. A computer will be used to show examples of artists work too.

Gallery Preschool Artwork