11. DRAWING CUTE CRITTERS, 5-12yrs Monday 9.30am-12.30pm, 27th September, 2021


IMPORTANT: Workshops will now be converted to Zoom Classes for the Sept/Oct Holidays using the materials you have at home. This means they will all become drawing based activities using the themes of each workshop.

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Monsters, monsters everywhere… even at your place. This workshop will be based on the cute & quirky critters drawn by Chris Ryniak, called Morning Scribbles. From these, he then later created a range of adorable sculptures. We  will start with a symmetrical drawing. This is much easier & we will cover methods like using a simple grid on the reference & our drawing to help with basic placement,  importance of observation & proportion, using sight lines & negative space & reducing the image into basic shapes to get the structure. Once we have the basic drawing laid out, then we can go ahead & add details to finish. For this workshop you will need pencils, paper & a rubber as well as  references (these will be sent to you via email).