3. GALAXY LANDSCAPE DRAWING, 8-12yrs, Tuesday 9.30am-12.30pm, 21st September, 2021


IMPORTANT: Workshops will now be converted to Zoom Classes for the Sept/Oct Holidays using the materials you have at home. This means they will all become drawing based activities using the themes of each workshop.

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This is a great introduction to drawing using high contrast. We will learn about the fundamentals of drawing, the importance of observation,  aerial perspective, silhouettes, shading techniques &  mixing materials. Kids will look at a range of photographs & artworks & decide on an image to use as a reference. I will help each person layout their linear drawing concentrating on proportion, placement, negative space & sight lines. Kids will draw up their image & after exploring different  shading techniques like hatching, stippling, they will complete their drawing. The materials you use could be pencil, biro, gel pen, fine tip markers, paint pens. We will make use of the materials you have at home. You will need paper,  pencil, rubber, texta or similar & references (these will be sent to you via email) for this workshop.