5. CROCS, LIZARDS & SHARKS DRAWING, 5-12yrs, Wednesday 9.30am-12.30pm, 22nd September, 2021


IMPORTANT: Workshops will now be converted to Zoom Classes for the Sept/Oct Holidays using the materials you have at home. This means they will all become drawing based activities using the themes of each workshop.

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Crocs, lizards & sharks, fierce & ferocious or cute & cuddly. This workshop is a great one, designed as an introduction to drawing  for both beginners & more experienced drawers & a great confidence building workshop. Successful results guaranteed!  After some warm ups & a bit of practise kids will produce a range of finished drawings which can be coloured. Kids will learn about symmetry, dividing the reference to help with placement & proportion, the importance of observation & how to self correct their drawings. These skills can easily be applied to anything you want to draw. You will need paper, pencils, rubber, textas & references (these will be sent to you via email) for this workshop.