7. SURREAL DRAWING, 8-12yrs, Thursday 9.30am-12.30pm, 23rd September, 2021


IMPORTANT: Workshops will now be converted to Zoom Classes for the Sept/Oct Holidays using the materials you have at home. This means they will all become drawing based activities using the themes of each workshop.

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Imagination central is here! This is a workshop for those who like to exercise their imaginations & love to draw. All whacky ideas considered fair game. Surreal ideas are basically where you put things together that you wouldn’t normally expect & the results are often hilarious, for example a galaxy inside a light globe. We will look at the work of a range of illustrators for ideas & talk about how to create illustrations with the WOW factor. Lots of tips to help improve your drawing skills too. After we do some sketching we will head for the fine markers! You will need paper, pencils, rubbers, a fine marker or pen & the references (these will be sent to you via email) for this workshop.

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Monday, 1.30pm-4.30pm, 10th April 2017.