DRAWING & PAINTING ART SMARTZ, 8-12yrs, Monday 6.00pm-7.30pm, (8 x 1.5hrs) Term 1, 2022


TERM 1 DATES 7th February-28th March. 



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TERM 1 DATES 7th February-28th March. 

Drawing & Painting Art Smartz is a class that caters for upper primary students who want to draw & paint! Activities will include experimentation with a range of drawing materials like pencil, charcoal, texta, ink, coloured pencil, pastel, watercolour, gouache, & acrylic paint. They will be taught the skills within each of the media & will have the opportunity to develop their own artworks. Types of drawing will include realistic & imaginary as well as cartooning & stylised types like anime. Kids will also learn some art history to complement the set art activities. Each new term will provide a different selection of activities to enable kids to expand their skills, enhance their experience & improve their confidence & creativity.