PLAY WITH WATERCOLOUR, 16th February, Wednesday DAYTIME, 12noon-2.00pm, 2hrs, Term 1, 2022


WORKSHOP DATE 16th February

Perfect Patterns in Watercolours

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Book a girl’s day out, a family day out, a create in ink day, or just a moment for yourself to recharge!  An introductory ink painting class. NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED.

This is a workshop using  watercolour. The great thing about watercolour, is that you can create the gorgeous effects, often by accident & it requires a little leap of faith & some bold use of colour.  The colours can blend effortlessly, once you know how, & can be layered to create a rich surface & colour, &  with a few little gems of know how, you’ll be on your way. The designs will be made of simple elements but one you paint them they will become amazing, eye catching artworks… it will make a great gift for someone you love! The results are beautiful & they are such fabulous fun, they will lure you with their magic!! You’ll be straight into the zone!!

Lots of ideas & assistance provided. Grab some friends & make a group booking, discounts apply. Groups of 4 & save 10% (use the coupon code ADULT4), groups of 8 save 15% (use the code ADULT8)