Give Your Kids the Gift of Arts Education: Kidz Artworx Offers Art Sessions, Art Parties, Designs to Draw and Professional Art Tutors for All Ages in Sydney

For kids, art is an avenue for pure creativity, self-expression, innovation and much more. Kids need visual art as part of a rounded education. Art helps to teach kids how to make good judgements, that problems can have more than one solution, to adjust to changes & be more flexible, & that small differences can make big changes. It is because of these benefits that arts education will always be important, especially in the formative years. Simply put, arts education is a valuable gift for children, and it’s one that we give at Kidz Artworx in the form of art classes, art parties, one on one tutoring and other art sessions in Sydney.

About Our Art Sessions in Sydney

Our program is built around various classes or workshops, targeted for different age groups.

For instance, our ‘Art just for Fun’ course is ideal for kids between the ages of five and eight. In this class, we introduce kids to a wide variety of different artistic styles, with the goal of fostering self-discovery, enabling creativity and providing an enjoyable and constructive way for kids to spend their time. Especially in the early stages, art should be about fun. The more a child enjoys art, the more determined he or she will be to make it a regular part of life. Doing art more frequently, in turn, leads to an increase in confidence and creativity—leaps forward in development and maturity and the benefits go far beyond drawing or painting.

Another program we offer is ‘Drawing Art Smartz,’ which focuses on designs to draw in Sydney for kids from eight to 12. In this course, kids will hone their drawing skills with a variety of materials, including pencil, charcoal, ink, coloured pencil, pastels and paint. One of the fantastic things about this course is that it encourages drawing in numerous styles, ranging from classic, hyper-realistic drawing to cartoon or anime styles. The dynamic nature of this course engages kids because it allows them to explore the things that keenly interest them. We find that, for many kids, the Drawing Art Smartz course promotes an increased interest in drawing, an ongoing commitment to challenge themselves and generates creativity and vision.

No matter the course, our students at Kidz Artworx always learn things that they can apply to other educational subjects and facets of life. Being able to envision an idea for an artwork, move through the steps of creating it and retain determination to its completion builds a work ethic and patience that is uncommon for young children. No school subject can deliver these benefits as quickly or effectively as art, hence the incredible value of art as part of any child’s education.

Consider Art Tutoring

In addition to regular art courses, we also offer personal sessions with an art tutor in Sydney. For older kids who are interested in taking their art to the next level, tutoring can be a great option to speed up their personal development. These tutoring sessions are also valuable for students who are studying art at university, or for artists trying to make the leap to the professional level. Our professional art tutors in Sydney are happy to talk with you (or your child) about goals and potential outcomes. To learn more about our art tutors, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.