School Holiday Classes

School Holiday Workshops.

We have launched our September/October School Holiday Workshops to help you at home with a guaranteed boredom buster!!! The lockdown has been extended to the end of September, so all the scheduled workshops will run as Zoom classes. To make it easy they will be drawing based on the theme listed for the in studio workshop. Yes, you can use your Creative Kids Voucher -it will give you 2 workshops. All booking is online. now.

WE are offering these workshops at a special discounted price, so go on, deal with the cabin fever, stay calm & make a booking !!

Help your child express themselves (and have amazing fun along the way!) with our children’s art classes in Sydney. Our age-appropriate kids art classes are designed to help your child develop their natural creativity and learn a variety of valuable skills that making art provides. We offer art classes for children of all ages and provide kids school holiday activities, preschool art classes, and after school art classes.

Yes! We are still accepting enrolments. Call Jane on 0425 361 897 to secure your spot! If you have 2 or more kids this discount is available for you all the time!

Just a heads up… We are booking up quickly!! Classes that are labelled Add To Cart have space in them 🙂

Want to receive $100 off your next Kids Art Session? We are accepting Creative Kids Vouchers.

It entitles you to $100 cash value towards any of our classes at Kidz Artworx. The vouchers expire at the end of the year, so take advantage of this great offer! If you wish to use the voucher just select yes on the payment page & you will be prompted to provide the information we need to process the voucher.

Holiday Workshop Information

Kidz Artworx has workshops morning & afternoon 9.30am-12.30pm, 1.30pm-4.30pm to suit everyone. Lunch is supervised & we have an outdoor area for breaks. Pack snacks, a water bottle, a hat for outside play & lunch, if kids are here for the whole day.

The ages listed are a guide, if you have 2 kids in different age groups & you want them to do a class together, we can accommodate that. Generally, the 8-12yrs activities are too difficult for younger kids, but older ones will be fine with the younger activities. We can always modify an activity if need be. If you have older kids that are interested they are welcome too! Dress for mess & if you are doing a clay workshop bring a box to take it home. All art materials provided.

What You’ll Love about Kidz Artworx

  • Our kids art classes are limited to 10 children, which is great for social interaction and guarantees plenty of time for everyone to get lots of attention.
  • Our workshops are designed by a highly qualified Visual Arts Teacher (Diploma of Education), with over 25 years of classroom experience.
  • Activities are selected according to the developmental ages and stages of the kids in the class.
  • Students will experience a wide range of materials for making art, and they’ll be taught various techniques for these materials and given plenty of opportunities to explore different themes in our art activities for kids.
  • Kids will enjoy making art in a variety of media, including ceramics (claywork), printing, drawing, painting, sculpture, collage, design, photography and installations.
  • Examples of artists’ works will be used to help expand your child’s general knowledge about artworks and the artmaking process.
  • Aspects of art theory will be integrated into the activities, including the basic language of art and art principles.