Give Your Child the Gift of Art – Choose from Weekly, Beginner and Small Classes for Kids Taught by a Professional Tutor in Croydon

Everyone loves art! It’s messy, it’s exciting & it’s really satisfying. Through art, you can express yourself, sort out your thoughts and feelings and make sense of the world around you. Those who incorporate art into their lives tend to be happier and more productive in other areas.

Now is the perfect time to dive into art and as a parent, enrolling your child in art classes for kids in Croydon with Kidz Artworx is an ideal choice.

We offer professional, beginner, small and weekly art classes in Croydon for kids and adults. In operation since January 2017, we primarily cater to children’s schedules, offering special classes during holiday and breaks, along with art parties.

Our ultimate goal is to introduce children to the experience of art making and provide quality teaching in a fun and supportive environment. Children can explore the mediums and techniques using subjects that are important to them. This allows children to discover new skills & aptitudes, areas of interest & helps maintain a creative outlet for them.

One thing you’ll appreciate about us is our small art classes in Croydon. These classes are limited to ten students for kids, six for pre-schoolers and eight for adults. This is important because it allows each student to get individual attention from an experienced, qualified teacher who can help them further develop their skills and produce impressive works of art.

What We Cover in Our Beginner Kids Art Classes in Croydon

Our beginner kids art classes in Croydon are about having fun. Sign your child up and relax! We supply the art materials including smocks and aprons. One lesson we recommend is the Cheeky Monkeys for children ages four to five years.

In this class, your child is free to get messy and experiment with a wide variety of art material. As they develop they will be guided through activities such as drawing, painting, printmaking, collage, sculpture and clay work.

Your child will explore the art elements such as line, shape, form, texture and colour. Through this, they will come to understand how to express ideas using art language. This will develop their creative thinking, appreciation of aesthetics & create more sophisticated art works.

Before you know it, your child will advance and refine their motor skills.

Be Amazed At What Your Child Can Get Out of Our Classes

There’s so much your child will gain by learning from a professional art tutor in Croydon. Our highly skilled teachers and tutors have over 25 years of experience, so they know the benefits of incorporating art making as an integral part of your child’s education.

Besides exploring art forms and creating art, your child will also have the opportunity to see examples of artists’ works that will expand their knowledge of artmaking, approaches & subjects & techniques. They will also learn about art theory-elements and principles, the building blocks of visual language.

Other benefits for your child include improvement & development with problem-solving, decision making and creative thinking skills, as well as improved self-esteem, self-discipline, articulation of ideas, imagination, responsibility and language, literacy and cognitive skills.

Don’t let your child miss out on our classes. Contact us today to sign them up and see their creative side develop.